Masters Level - 10 Years

Age 5 - 11 (for age 12+ see Kung Fu for Adults)

Challenges are what make life interesting. 

Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Once a students has earned their Black Belt rank they will then have the opportunity to join the Masters' course.  Unlike many Martial Art systems, post black belt training is not just a matter of time served or helping out with instructing the lower ranks.  Children will still progress through structured curriculum that allows them to synthesise what they have learned and start to develop their own, unique way of practicing Tao Te Kung Fu.  Once children have reached this level of competency they start to study weapons, multiple attacker scenarios and more.  No martial artist is the same, mentally or physically, and the Masters' course allows students to be creative and innovative as they fully master their potential.

The key elements of the Masters' Course are:

- Versatile weapon and anti weapon training

- Multiple attacker scenarios

- Assimilating and individuating the philosophical ideas into their personal identities

- Working with others in groups and in a more independent framework

- Innovating and creating based on their accumulated knowledge of Tao Te Kung Fu

Lesson Times

All beginners classes are held at the Jessopp Road Studio on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Children's classes are at 4:15pm

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