Foundation Level - 6 Months

Age 5 - 11 (for age 12+ see Kung Fu for Adults)

There is no elevator to success.  You have to take the stairs.

The Foundation level is where all new children start their journey.  They will study a module for 8 weeks and then once complete will have the opportunity to earn a coloured belt at the end of each.  There are three modules and 3 belts to be earned at the foundation level  This means it can be completed in approximately 6 months.  The key elements and experiences of this level are:

- Training with other children at the foundation level

- Build a solid foundation all activities requiring physical coordination & mental focus

- Professionally developed curriculum, structured to ensure rapid and continuous progress

- Cover primary techniques

- Start developing focus & self control that enhances their cross-curricular skill base

- Create fluid coordination and balance with core strength

- Increase reactions and reflexes

- Introduces meditation and emotional control techniques

Lesson Times

All beginners classes are held at the Jessopp Road Studio on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Children's classes are at 4:15pm

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