Personal Development

October 5, 2017

Who are you?

Are You Stuck With Who You Are Or Can You Become Something Different? You Don't Really Discover Yourself, You're Too Complicated, You Create Yourself

The Greatest Danger

Protection From The Greatest Threat To Your Life. Kung Fu Is A Process Of Personal Development That Helps You To Grow, Promoting Mental Health

Creating Yourself

Stop Trying To Find Yourself - Create Yourself. Stop Burying Your Head In Distractions Because Life Seems To Lack Meaning, Find Your Own Meaning.

Who do you think you are?

Consider The Effect Of Our Self Image. It Is What We Project And What Others Perceive. It Is Never Accurate So The Question Is, Can We Choose It?

If things don’t change, they’ll stay as they are

Understanding Inertia. Dealing With The Difficulty Of Making Changes. Beginnings Are Hard, But The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step

Freedom from your past

A Look At How Our Memories Work And How To Change Their Effect On The Present By Creating Our Memories Into A More Helpful Format

Freedom from the past Part 2

This Is A Continuation Of The Last Blog And Is Best Read In Conjunction With It. Past Trauma And Even Good Experiences Can Bias Our Current Thinking.

The key to self discipline

How To Supercharge Your Resolutions. Motivation Can Come From A Visualisation Of Your Future Self. Self Discipline Should Come From Loving Yourself

Balance and Freedom

What Is Balance? What Is Freedom? Balance Is About Feeling The Full Range Of Human Emotions. Living Harmony With Your Our Extremes.

Workshop Notes Meditation - Self Hypnosis

These Are The Notes From The Workshop, I Hope You Find Them Useful. They Cover The Theory And Some Practical Tactics To Enable You To Program Yourself


What Actually Is Stress? And How To Reduce It. The Fight Or Flight Response And Using A Peripheral Vision Technique To Reduce Its Effect.

Feel the fear and see the beauty

How Anxiety Can Help Us Live In The Moment. Examining Our Life Choices. Different Reactions To Stress.

Unconscious Messages

Thoughts On How Others Perceive Us. Our Unconsciously Expressed Body Language Including Breathing And Tone Of Voice, Is Perceived Unconsciously By Others.

Live Now

One Root Of Both Depression And Anxiety Is Where You Live. Living In The Moment Will Enable One To Achieve Harmony.