Blogs From June 2014

Physical Health

Fit For What

Before Becoming Fitter Consider For What Purpose You Want To Be Fit. Is It To Take Part In Some Sport, Or To Be Able To Enjoy A Life Till You Die?

Why get fit?

Thoughts On Getting Fit. Fitness And Health Are Different And If We Confuse Them We Can Easily Sacrifice Health In The Attempt To Get Fitter

Exercise and Limitations

Understanding The Limitations Of Exercise. Exercise Is One Factor Involved In Body Shape But Our Genes And Diet Will Also Have An Effect

Exercise and Fitness

Fitness And Health Are Associated Up To A Key Level, Then As You Get Fitter Your Health Has To Be Sacrificed. Exercise Is Forcing The Body To Change

Exercise and Fat Burning

For Those Who Have Been Told That 'Aerobic' And 'Cardio' Workouts Are Good For Fat Burning, This Might Be A Pleasant Surprise.

Exercise and Muscle Strength

This Blog Is About Strength Training For Optimal Benefit. Explaining How Muscle Cell Units Work So That You Can Get The Most From Your Exercise.

Exercise and Flexibility

How Should We Train Our Bodies To Move Better And Be More Flexible? Which Type Of Exercise Is Best For Warming Up And How Do We Prevent Injury?

Shedding Myths

Some Of Our Long-Held Ideas About Nutrition Are Simply Not True And Its Time To Re-Think Them. Is Fat Bad? Should Bread Be A Staple?

Nutrition Seminar

The Expanded Slides To Follow Up From The Nutrition And Health Seminar. This Will Help Those Attending To Consolidate Their Understanding Of Nutrition

Children's fitness

Why Are Children So Unfit Today? Let's Not Be Quick To Be Condescending They Are Living In A Different Culture, We'd Be The Same With The Same Conditions

Children's fitness Part 2

Some Thoughts On The Problem And How To Deal With It. It'S About Examples, Set Examples For Your Young Kids To Copy, They'Ll Do What You Do

Ancient Advice

Recognising that a cultural paradigm can distract you from hearing good advice