Locks and Breakaways

March 5, 2015

There are so many locks and so many breakaways, from so many different styles, that if you learned them all you’d never use one when it counted as you’d have analysis paralysis while you stood deciding which one to use.  Fortunately there are some consistencies to the way human limbs work and there are some motions that will always weaken resistance. 

Over a number of years I have probably used locks several hundreds, if not thousands of times and over that time I experimented with many versions, applied in many ways.  Some techniques that appear to work in training, don’t in real life, and sometimes techniques that you’d think wouldn’t work, do. 

When we first looked at developing the best of the best, it was important to restrict ourselves to techniques that didn’t depend on strength or a willingness to be brutal.  We worked on finding the simplest single approach that would work for the maximum number of people in the maximum number of situations and test it to failure (joint failure that is). 

We have spent a lot of time combining many of the best locks and breakaways into a simple fluid motion that, once learned, can be utilized in many different scenarios against almost any opponent.   We’ve taken what we know works and made it easy to learn.

Workshop 12-2pm Eating 2-3:00pm. 7th March at the Clover Hill Studio

See you on Saturday and bring some food to share