Blogs From July 2014

Martial Arts

Effortless skill, takes a lot of effort.

What Is Our Instinct Or Intuition? Conscious Mental Actions Represent A Tiny Proportion Of What Our Brain Does, The Clever Stuff Is All Unconscious

Recording Sub-routines

The Importance Of Learning Movements Until They Become Automatic. Conscious Movements Are Very Limited In Complexity, Not So With The Unconscious

Is it a Rhino or a Unicorn?

Now ask yourself which warning is more effective on a security fence. “Keep out. Rhinoceros loose in this field.” or “Beware of the Unicorn”


Direction And Momentum Matter More Than The Particular Point On The Path That You Have Reached. Gaze Ahead Enough To See Your Direction

Post Grading

Consider Your Progress. Some Skills Can Be Measured And Some Can'T. Be Careful Not To Only Value The Former, The Latter May Be More Important.

More Post Grading Thoughts

How Does The Grading Leave You Feeling? Each Step On The Journey Should Enable You To Feel Satisfaction Of You Achievement Because You Are Taking Control

Ethics of Violence

Ethics Of Violence. As You Progress In Martial Arts You Develope Potential Power Over Others And That Necessitates A Development Of Your Personal Ethics

Disarming Workshop

Teaser For The Disarming Workshop. Most People Threatening With A Weapon Are Either Drunk Or Just Trying To Scare You, Does That Make Them Less Dangerous

Locks and Breakaways

While On The Masters Course You Will Learn Many Blocks, This Is A Chance To Get Started On The Basic Methodology And Tactics Involved

Fun styles

An Attempt To Preserve Martial Skills With The Creation Of Tournament-Based Styles Has Caused Many To Have Skills That Won'T Work In Real Life

How to tie a belt

Here Is A Tutorial For How To Tie Your Belts Perfectly Every Time! There Are A Number Ways To Tie An Obi, Don't Get Upset If You Struggle With It


A Plea To Train In Uniform and The Reason Why It Is Helpful In Terms Of Identity And Belonging

On Courage

Why Should Children Hear Stories Of Knights? They Will Need Courage For Life And Exemplary Stories Have More Effect Than Merely Telling Them How To Behave

Four Areas Of Focus

Considering The Fours Areas Of Focus Involved In the Training Process Of Kung Fu And Their Application

6 Reasons to start Kung Fu training

What to expect from the very best Kung Fu training