January 1, 2014

Who's reality?

The Use Of Kuans Can Help Us To See That Reality Is Very Much A Subjective Thing. We Each See The Universe As A Differently Depending One Who We Are

The unconscious

To Understand How Our Focus Causes Us To Create For Ourselves The Universe We Live We Need To Realise That We Only Perceive A Fraction Of Reality

The Learning Process

I was considering the down times in the learning process. Those points when we are likely to quit. You might find these thought provoking.

Understanding Stress

The Root Problem Of Stressful Living Is In Our Evolutionary Past. Our Fight Or Flight Response Can Work Overtime And Be Inappropriate

Meditation & Self Hypnosis

A Simple Explanation Of These States Of Mind And Some Clues How To Start Reprogramming Your Our Mind

The Elements

The Relationship Between The Elements. The Element In Chinese Thinking Are Not The Fundamental Building Blocks, But The Patterns Of Process

Chi Kung

Chi Kung Or Working With Energy. A Short Introduction To The Ideas And History Of Chi Kung. If You Simply Think In Terms Of Energy You Won't Go Far Wrong


Seen From High Enough All Of Life'S Problems Are Small. When We Consider Our Place In Terms Of The Whole World And History Our Thinking Becomes Clear