Trigram Pairs

The Ba Gua


The image of the Ba Gua (8 symbols) is known to be nearly 5 thousand years old.  It is perhaps best considered as a map.  When used in Feng Shui it is almost literally a map.  But if one thinks of it a map of relationships within nature one might come close to understanding it.  The imagery of the eight trigrams represent the combinations of yin and yang that are possible with three sections.  The solid bar represents yang, while the broken bar represents yin.  The eight are arranged around the yin/yang in such a way that they creates contrasting and complimentary opposites.  Each trigram has a related season, compass point, Chi Kung exercise, even a family relation and can be used in many ways from divination to understanding life's various contradictions.  Techniques within a Kung Fu form can be demarcated/classified as related/represented by the different trigrams.  In these articles I shall be focussing on a more generalised application of these various principles to life and character development.  Perhaps one could see the Ba Gua in this respect as a map of intra-personal relationships and balance.