Intermediate Level - 10 Months

Ages 12 + (for ages 5-11 see Kung Fu for Children)

You don’t get what you want.  You get what you work for.

Find the path from here to there and take a step.

Once the Foundation level is passed a student progresses to the intermediate level.  Each module still takes 8 weeks to complete but there a now 5 in total making this level 10 months long.  The key elements of this level are:

- Mid level combat techniques

- Rapid kick combinations

- More complex striking techniques and their application  

- Begin to understand the more subtle principles underpinning Tao Te Kung Fu 

- Personal development through understanding of self

There are 5 modules to complete at the intermediate level:

Practicality      Structure      Economy of Motion      Attitude      Personal Development

Lesson Times

For more beginner's class times see our timetable page.

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