Foundation Level - 6 Months

Ages 12 + (for ages 5-11 see Kung Fu for Children)

Set a goal so Big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.

The Foundation level is the first level for all students.  Each module takes 8 weeks to complete with a belt earned at the end of each.  This means the Foundation level can be completed in approximately 6 months.  The key elements of this level are:

- No previous experience or fitness level required

- Train with people at your level

- Professionally developed curriculum, structured to ensure rapid and continuous progress

- Cover primary combat techniques

- Develop power through momentum

- Create speed with fluidity

- Increase reactions and reflexes to overcome inertia

There are three modules to complete at the Foundation level:

Momentum      Inertia      Fluidity

Lesson Times

For more beginner's class times see our timetable page.

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