3 Year Black Belt Course

Ages 12 + (for ages 5-11 see Kung Fu for Children)

You don’t have to be a master to begin, but you have to begin to become a master.

Many Martial Arts clubs are classically set up for students to take 5, 10 or 20 years to reach a Black Belt standard.  This can be due to a lack of professional lesson and course preparation, large governing bodies forcing students to compete in tournaments to progress or holding back to take more tuition fees.  

Many positive traditions are passed down through generations of instructors that form the core of a good system.  However, the tradition of keeping secrets within blood lines, castes or races  has lingering influences.  This means that drawing out training beyond what is necessary in order to prove ones self by "time served" is still present.

Our 3 year Black Black Course is split into 3 levels to ensure a rapid progression with an in-depth understanding.  Students train with others at their own level though out the course.

Everyone starts in the Foundation class with other beginners.  Once the Foundation level is completed a student moves up to Intermediate class to continue the next stage and then on to the Advanced level.  Once the Advanced level is completed a student earns their Black Belt and the opportunity to join the Master's Class.  

Class sizes are limited to 20 and always have 2 instructors present.

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Foundation Level - 3 Belts - 6 months

- No previous experience or fitness level required

- Train with people at your level

- Professionally developed curriculum, structured to ensure rapid and continuous progress

- Cover primary combat techniques

- Develop power through momentum

- Create speed with fluidity

- Increase reactions and reflexes to overcome inertia

Intermediate Level - 5 Belts - 10 Months

- Mid level combat techniques

- Rapid kick combinations

- More complex striking techniques and their application  

- Begin to understand the more subtle principles underpinning Tao Te Kung Fu 

- Personal development through understanding of self

Advanced Level - 5 Belts - 20 Months

- Sophisticated, tactical & targeted strike combinations

- Advanced combat techniques to deal with skilled opponents

- Develop a more complex understanding of one’s own psychological framework

- Learn to incorporate the elemental principles into movement, attitude & lifestyle

Lesson Times

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