About Kung Fu

- A passion pursued with discipline and a discipline pursued with passion; both an art and a science.

It is our belief that Kung Fu should never be reduced to something as trivial as fighting skills.

Kung Fu really means achieving excellence through hard work.  It is about becoming a master of the art of living.


Our students practice Tao Te Kung Fu with us for many different reasons.

For some the emphasis of their training is the superb all round physical conditioning it can provide; not simply strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, but focused and precise control. 

For some it is the rich depths of tradition, theories, principles, laws, techniques, even metaphysical philosophies that feed their need for depth and significance. 

Many find that the meditative focus of coordinated thought and motion aid both concentration and relaxation.


Some most value the humble quiet confidence and the sense of security that strengthens the character and overflows into all aspects of their lives; from business to relationships. 

For some it is just to have fun.

For many their training becomes integral to their identity, a spiritual discipline, a path of self-development and self-realisation that profoundly improves their whole way of life.

We invite you to train with us and we're confident that you will find the way to master your potential.

Jo-Sifu William Bridgman

Jo-Sifu Mark Ringer