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Norwich Kung Fu Academy

The Norwich Kung Fu Academy provides unique Kung Fu classes in Norwich, Norfolk for children and adults.

We have the highest qualified martial arts and self defence instructors in Norfolk.  With expertise in Kung Fu, Taekwondo Karate, Boxing, Chinese Kempo, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kyokoshin Kai Karate, Wing Chun, Escrima, Hapkido, professional restraint and self defence for security services.  We provide the only martial arts training in Norfolk from a qualified teacher.

Tao Te Kung Fu lessons incorporate ancient Chinese Martial Arts' principles with modern teaching methods for those who wish to practice in a way that is focused on personal development rather than competing in tournaments.

As well as exercising to develop speed, strength and flexibility, students learn the philosophy and mental discipline unique to the style.

Do today what others won't - and tomorrow you'll do what others can't

  • Highest qualified martial arts and self defence instructors in Norfolk with 50 years of experience

  • The most advanced teaching methods developed professionally 

  • Combat techniques tried and tested in the security industry

  • Train with people at your own level

  • Impeccable health & safety record

  • Instructors are First Aid & Safeguarding trained, CRB checked and fully insured

Adult's Kung Fu

Civilised Self Defence

Students learn to understand and control their physiological responses in the face of confrontation.  Instruction takes account of the requirements of British law to ensure that students understand the legal limits of their emerging skills

Focus & Self Mastery

There is a primary emphasis throughout training on developing focus & mastering our own reactions which is epitomised during meditation at the end of lessons

Discipline & Self Esteem

The humble quiet confidence, that grows with martial expertise, overflows into every aspect of life.  Increasing self esteem means that students become more confident in their positive life choices

Confidence & Belonging

Every effort is made to increase a student’s confidence and sense of their place within the group, including in the initial induction, which is one to one with an instructor

Flexibility, Balance, Fluidity, Strength, Speed

The program has been designed to not merely enhance physical abilities, but also the psychological attributes that they parallel

Courtesy & Respect

Some historical traditions are maintained to help create a separation between our everyday lives and the training studio.  We bow as we enter to mark the transition to a space in which the ego, competition and life’s stresses are left behind.  We bow to our training partners to acknowledge their co-operation and friendly intent

Children's Kung Fu

Common Sense Before Self Defence

Perhaps the major aspect from a parent’s perspective, students develop not only the physical & emotional skills to deal with confrontation but also the responsibility to consider when and how to take action

Focus & Self Control

There is a primary emphasis throughout their training on focus & self control which is epitomised during meditation at the end of lessons

Discipline & Self Esteem

Kung Fu training does not stop as children leave the class but includes home and school based activities for which they are regularly rewarded and encouraged with badges, medals and trophies

Confidence & Belonging

Every effort is made to increase children’s confidence and a sense of their place within the group including in their initial pre-class induction, one to one with an instructor

Flexibility, Balance, Fluidity, Strength, Speed

Traditional animal stances are used to teach, not merely physical attributes, but also the character traits that go with them

Courtesy & Respect

From the very first bow as students enter the room they are encouraged to learn about and show courtesy & respect

Which Martial Art?  Karate, Boxing or Kung Fu?

Karate is the most popular Martial Art in the world followed by Taekwondo.  Principally because they were developed to be easily taught to a large group.  However, both, like boxing, were developed to be a simple, fast learned set of techniques, for fit, strong young men.  If you are strong, fit & big and want something to learn quickly these sort of styles will be ideal for you.  I moved away from Karate when I realised that, in my mid thirties, I was as good as I was ever going to be.  As I got older, I was going to go downhill.  That was when I began to look for a system that would work for everyone, of any age; a lifestyle enhancing skill that would develop with me and grow to suit my individual personality.  

Welcome to Tao Te Kung Fu

Jo-Sifu. Mark Ringer BA hons PGCE

All materials produced by Norwich Kung Fu Academy are copyrighted and remain the intellectual property of the Academy.  For use in any other context; please request permission.